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Day 22 | Stoic Brewing (NSW) | West Coast IPA | 6.8% ABV

Classic American hops give that piney, citrusy, dank, big west coast IPA vibe we’ve been missing. Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial take us back to those hop forward clear IPAs of (not so) long ago. Clean bitterness balances the sweet caramel malt notes. Cheers to the style that got us on the craft beer journey.


Day 21 | Five Barrel Brewing (NSW) | Navigator Red IPA | 6.5% ABV

This is another one in our class of cult classics. A Red IPA that defines the style in our mind & with the man in the red suit fast approaching, let's celebrate with a beer of the same hue.

Darker doesn’t always mean stronger. Red IPA's usually carry a maltiness that you don’t find with paler styles. The malt character can range from a light caramel to full on rich toffee and toast.

This one has a wonderful fruit, pine and spice balance that develops on the palate. It has a firm bitterness, but the caramel sweetness rounds it out to ensure your senses aren’t overwhelmed.



Day 20 | Sunday Road (NSW) | Summer Samba Sour  | 5.0% ABV

Sunday Road Brewery in the 'Shire' of NSW, just screams summer! And this beer is everything we love about beachy sunny vibes. 

Summer Samba has waltzed it’s way back – just in time for summer. This time, with a blackberry twist. Ripples of ripe raspberry mingle with sweet blackberries to sing a heliotrope melody. Your glass will be greeted with a light magenta sunset with hints of inky purple throughout. One sip and your tastebuds will be singing a different tune.



Day 19 | Mountain Culture (NSW) | Status Quo Pale Ale | 5.2% ABV

Sometimes, you just have to sit back and celebrate an icon. This Brewery Tour Adventure was all about discovering new brews, finding new hidden breweries and also celebrating some of the best beer in the land. And for us Mountain Culture Status Quo is one of the best beers to come out of this land.

Status Quo is a juicy New England Pale Ale. Made for hop lovers with massive late and dry hop additions, it’s full flavoured and more tropical than the Hawaiian ukulele orchestra. We could listen to that tune all day!




Day 18 | Slow Lane Brewing (NSW) | Rye Sense of Humour | 4.5% ABV

A cloudy coppery-brown beer with bready, spicy rye flavours and a creamy body. Roggenbier is a rarely seen German beer style made with large amounts of rye grain. Its scarcity could be due to the Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law) prohibiting the use of rye in beer between the 1500s and 1980s. Or just as likely because brewing with rye results in a gummy, sticky mash and a long frustrating brew day. Luckily this didn’t stop us and we think the results were worth the effort!



Day 17 | Akasha Brewing (NSW) | Cloud 9 Hazy IPA | 6.2% ABV

Like sunburst through a cumulonimbus, the Cloud 9 lights up the palate with vibrant and inviting passionfruit, peach and citrus god-rays, before laying down a lush, pillowy finish in a hazy beer that’ll take your tastebuds to… well, you know where!

Saturated by Mosaic, Citra & Galaxy Hops. Drink it by the beach. Drink it by the pool. Drink it in the shower… maybe not the shower. Just make sure you catch it on your tongue before it evaporates from the shelves and taps of your local watering hole…


Day 16 | Modus Brewing (NSW) | Cluster Pucker Sour | 4.8% ABV 

We’ve jumped the border into NSW, for the last leg of the journey, with a few surprises yet! First stop, Modus.

Tickle Tickle, Here Comes Our Cluster Puck Of A Disastrously Delicious Fruit Cluster Of Pineapple, Peach & Lychee.

Introducing Cluster Pucker Sour. Jammed with big fruity flavours, this one is a beautifully refreshing and balanced Sour from the legends at Modus.

Pucker Up!



Day 15 | Burleigh Brewing (QLD) Twisted Palm | Tropical Pale Ale | 4.2% ABV

Like the place it calls home, the flavours in Burleigh Twisted Palm are relaxed and uncomplicated. The unique hopping regime delivers tropical aromas and characters of orange, mango and papaya. All sitting comfortably together. Perfect for enjoying in Burleigh. Or when you just wish you could.

Pandanus trees line the Burleigh beach park. They’re pretty easy going too. Neither palm nor pine, they’re happy to be called whatever you like. A bit like your best mate, you can just count on them to be there. No wonder they inspired us when creating this deliciously laid back, tropical brew.


Day 14 | Bacchus Brewing (QLD) | Peanut Brittle Gose 375ml 5.2%

Down the road to Brissy today to drop into see Ross and the crew at Bachus. With over 90 beers available in cans in the brewery at any given time, it would be hard to choose a beer for the box. We asked Ross to give us a beer he is really proud about & this Peanut Brittle Gose is one of their most famous brews. Gose is an ancient style of soured German Wheat Beer typically brewed with Coriander & Sea Salt. We’ve stayed true to the original recipe but then added our own Peanut Brittle twist. A heady aroma of sweet buttery toffee & roasted peanuts follows through into the taste, where the lactic saltiness of the Gose cuts through & balances the sweetness beautifully. Peoples Choice winner GABS 2016. And the only beer to win both GABs Australia and New Zealand at the same time.



Day 13 | Moffat Beach Brewing Co. (QLD) | Nectaron Single Hop Pale Ale 375ml 5.2%

Moffat Beach is next with an awesome little Pale Ale. The 7 Inch series aims to showcase one hop varietal in all its glory. Nectaron is a New Zealand hop, lovingly crafted over 17 years, and provokes intense tropical fruit characters of pineapple and passionfruit, peach and citrus. Perfect for an arvo by the beach.