Six Month Pre-Paid Sub for The Brewery Tour™ (Includes Shipping)

Six Month Pre-Paid Sub for The Brewery Tour™ (Includes Shipping)

Sale price$459.00

This will give you SIX deliveries from the featured brewery on our Brewery Tour™ subscription, delivering Aussie's freshest & most interesting beer monthly.

Every month, get a box of awesome beers delivered direct and fresh from our featured monthly brewery.

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A literal tour of Aussie's finest, each delivery contains the best the brewery has to offer: the freshest, most interesting and awesomest beers one brewery at a time.

Each month, the delivery will come from a different brewery who tell their story through their beers and make it great value. Each box will typically contain a dozen or more beers and some goodies from the brewery. 

Beer will be shipped direct from the brewery to your front door with a few days of making your order. Future shipments will be processed on the same day of the month as your original order.

Delivery/Courier costs for six shipments are included in this price.


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This is for a pre-paid subscription, so is a one-off cost for six monthly beer deliveries. If you'd prefer to pay monthly, just buy The Brewery Tour subscription here.

Make sure you add the recipient's name and address details when you make the purchase and put your details in for billing.

After the subscription has been purchased you will receive an email from us inviting you to create an account that will help manage the subscription. We recommend activating the account and passing the details on to the recipient so they can manage the subscription themselves. If you have any questions about how this works, email us at