Dangerous Ales Brewery (NSW)

Dangerous Ales Brewery (NSW)

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Get ready to experience the untamed and adventurous side of Damien Martin, also known as Dangerous Damo. As a South Coast local, he grew up riding the crazy waves and developed a deep love for all things wild - from flavors to food and fermentation.

With an impressive culinary background, including training in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen in London and working at renowned establishments like Sydney's Quay and Morzine in the French Alps. However, it was his time at Margaret River's Vasse Felix winery that sparked his fascination with fermentation.

Driven by his passion for both cooking and experimental brewing, Damien seized an opportunity in his hometown of Milton, NSW. With the help of his father-in-law, Andrew Bell, Damien lovingly restored an old pub and transformed it into the vibrant Milton Hotel - The House of Dangerous Ales with Dangerous Ales brewery located onsite.

What started as a hidden gem soon became a roaring success. The demand for Dangerous Ales stouts, sours, and fresh Hazy IPAs was so overwhelming that a major brewery upgrade was necessary within just 18 months.

Join us at Dangerous Ales in NSW for an unforgettable experience. Relax, unwind, and indulge in the exceptional craft beers Embrace the wild flavors and laid-back atmosphere that make Dangerous Ales a must-visit destination.