Yo yo beer lovers. We're Beer Hug. Cheers for stopping by.

We’re on a mission to make it easier to get great craft beer into craft lovers’ hands (and mouths). We’re stoked to launch the Australian Brewery Tour™. A never-ending tour around Aussies great breweries, helping beer drinkers discover new, delicious craft beer at home, in much the same way you would if you went on an actual brewery tour: one brewery at a time.

Think of it as a ‘brewery tour in a box’, delivered as fresh as can be, straight from the brewery floor to your front door!

Each Beer Hug box will be a celebration of a brewery that make it super simple for you to discover your new favourite brews. Helping to put our amazing breweries on the map!

Our beers all come direct to you, from where they were brewed: so, they’re brewery fresh: not aged on the shop floor, like you might get from your local bottle-o.

We're beer lovers who've made a career in and around the beer and brewing industry, with loads of years of experience between us. Mainly in the sales and marketing side, along with a dabble in some poorly executed home brews.

That shared love for beer (and complete inability to make our own good ones) created an appreciation for what good beer is. While we leave the brewing to the experts, we’ve learnt that super fresh, super interesting, and hard-to-find styles are the extra ingredients that make great craft beer, even better. And that the best beer, is always found in shadow of the brewery. So, we’re off on the tour, come join us. We look forward to helping you discover the great breweries this fine country has to offer.

We've got some outstanding brewery partners lined up for the tour and are excited about you joining us for the ride!

Enjoy beer lovers & we’ll see you on the tour!

Big hugs,

Hayden & Adam