Slow Lane Brewing (NSW)

Slow Lane Brewing (NSW)

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We are a small husband and wife owned brewery driven by a passion for brewing beer and sharing it with others. All of our beer is produced in our own brewery located in the Sydney suburb of Botany.

Our focus is on providing insightful beer experiences through frequently releasing new beers across a diverse range of styles and flavours. We take inspiration from old world European beer styles and produce modern interpretations of these. Each beer has its own story which aims to take you on a journey to where this beer style originated.

We make beer differently to most breweries today. We use traditional brewing methods to produce slow-fermented beer. Our small size makes it possible for us to use these more labour and time intensive methods that most modern breweries have abandoned in favour of more efficient industrialised processes. We naturally carbonate our beers through can and keg conditioning. Some of our beers are also fermented with mixed cultures of wild yeast and bacteria and aged in oak barrels.

Alex had a beer revelation when he moved to the US in 2012. He discovered craft breweries making their own versions of the classic European beers that he used to seek out. Soon he was hooked on homebrewing these beers, taking over every spare bit of space in his and Yvonne's tiny New York apartment. He also dragged Yvonne to many hundreds of breweries across the country as important ‘research’ trips. These experiences opened Yvonne’s eyes. There was a lot more to the world of beer than mass produced lagers. She developed a taste for Belgian and sour beers focused on yeast character, and soon ditched the wine and cocktail menu at bars and restaurants in favour of the varied and exciting offerings on the beer menu.

When they moved to California in 2015, Alex took it a step further by quitting the corporate world and gaining experience working at commercial breweries. Fast forward another two years and they were back home in Sydney, following their dream to start their own brewery.

Slow Lane Brewing released its first beers in May 2020 with our onsite tasting room opening in January 2021.