Baroassa Valley Brewing (SA)

Baroassa Valley Brewing (SA)

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Barossa Valley Brewing’s genesis was far from the lush rolling hills of the Barossa, beginning rather on the far away shores of the United States. It was 1990 and Denham, our brewery founder, was at university (supposed to be) studying Economics and Business, but instead he was falling in love with craft beer. Spending much time with passionate brewers there he fell more deeply in love with this amazing beverage. Upon coming home he did what any sensible person would…he started a brewery.

We chose the Barossa for its adherence to quality and its culture of experimentation, which has allowed it to produce some of the planet’s best beverages. We’ve learned from the talented people who work and live here to produce world class beers that sit alongside world class wines.

We work with the best and freshest ingredients – Barossa-roasted coffee beans, locally smoked malt, local picked cherries, or lemongrass tended by Barossan producers.

All of us at Barossa Valley Brewing are foodies and enjoy nothing better than pairing great beer with great food. We wanted to share this joy so in 2011 we moved the entire brewery about 10 kms north to Tanunda, started a restaurant, and we’ve been sharing the joy ever since.

This is just the start of the story. We keep working hard, experimenting harder and enjoy great beer with an increasing band of friends.

We first opened in 2005 at the Chateau Yaldara winery, later moving to our current home when Denham purchased a beautiful 100-year-old stone house overlooking the picturesque Heinemann Park on the outskirts of Tanunda. At the rear of the original building he constructed a new home for an impressive five vessel Bavarian Brewery Technologies brewhouse from California, fitted an eight tap bar inside the original home and his dream for Barossa Valley Brewing had begun…but was by no means complete.

You see, here at BVB we’re big fans of the can. Why? Well, there’s 5 really good reasons to the right, but, to round it all up, it just tastes better! This year we partnered with American Beer Equipment, a canning line manufacturer in the US, and built the newest canning line in Australia right here at our Tanunda brewery; the only one built by ABE in the Asia-Pacific region. You’ve got to come check it out!